How do I Create or Edit Dashboards?

You can create your own dashboard by pushing the button on the home page as shown below.




You will have then to name your dashboard, select the people you want to share the dashboard with and indicate whether each reviewer will have Editing or just Viewing capabilities. Notice that Editors will be able to modify data values in the KPIs. 

To Edit a Dashboard you will need to display the menu bar at the bottom of the screen and push on Edit. Once in the Edit mode you will notice that the bubbles will now be gray colored and you need to follow the same navigation gestures as you do when reviewing a dashboard: Push an outer bubble to drill down (ie, to navigate from Perspective to Objectives or from Objectives to Indicators) and push a center bubble do go back up to a previous level. To add a new item (Perspective, Objective or Indicator) you must push the '+' button on the right hand side of your andara screen.

To edit an item you need to push and hold on a bubble to display the menu.

Remember, you can only create a maximum of 5 items (or bubbles) in each category, whether Perspectives, Objectives or Indicators. To include Actual and Target values of a KPI you must navigate to the 3rd level or Indicators. At that level push and hold on a KPI to display the menu and "Add Values" will become available as it is shown below.

The structure od the dashboard must be always created and edited in andara in your iPad, not in Excel. The Excel file will be automatically created and stored in your account.

Remember also to always set up weights in your Perspectives, Objectives and Indicators. Otherwise, the rolling-up calculations would not be accurate in your Dashboard and Excel sync may not work.




To go back to review your Dashboard and exit the Edit mode you have to click again on Edit in the bottom Menu bar.

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    This is helpful but I wish to point out to new users that they must follow the hierarchy described above.   For a first time user, I would suggest they create at least one bubble at each level of the scorecard, ie. Perspective then an Objective  and then a Key Peformance Indicator (metric).  I would also suggest using the ADD VALUES option to enter a target and some real values so that one can see the color coding.

    Once more familiar with the application, then I have found it simple enough to build up all the bubbles in a level, ex. create all the perspectives then add objectives to each and so on.

    I would strongly suggest to advanced users creating complete templates to design the scorecard on paper or using Excel. This way all the perspective, objectives and metrics can be laid out in a simple matrix.  Also, using this approach one can add in the weightings for each level to see they do not exceed 100% (otherwise you will get an error message in the application) but you can alwys be less than 100.

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