Synch Dashboard with Excel through (Step-by-Step)

This walkthrough shows a step-by-step guide to link andara in your iPad with an Excel spreadsheet through your existing account (or creating a new free within the app) 

1. From the Home screen click on Settings.



2. In Settings log in to your existing account or create a new one (is free!)



3. To create a new account you just need an email and password.



4. From a web browser (or if you have a app in your iPad or smartphone) you can now access your box account to find your dashboards that must have been automatically created.



5. You will see a folder/subfolder structure for each dashboard that you have in andara. Initially you will only have the Demo Dashboard. Here you will find all new dashboards that you might create at a later time. The Excel spreadsheets are also created automatically within each of the dashboards. The subfolders KPIs and Objectives is where you can store documents that you can later on view within andara.



6. Now you can edit the Excel spreadsheet changing the data and replacing the file stored in Please DO NOT change the name of the file. In max 15 minutes andara in the iPad will be synched with new data in the Excel file. Remember that you can change the data directly in andara in the IPad and the Excel file shall be updated automatically.



IMPORTANT: In the Excel spreadsheet you MUST NOT change the dashboard structure or add new KPIs, that has to be done within andara in the iPad. The Excel spreadsheet is only used to change Target or Real Data.

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