Odd 100% or 200% values in the dashboard? The result of Blank values

Sometimes you may find odd values in your dashboard, that is normally due to BLANK values in your KPIs. Specifically you may have:


Condition 1. Where Targets are blank and the Actual was blank that the system shows the metrics as 100%.

- Condition 2. Where Targets are non-blank and the Actual was blank the system shows the metrics as 200%.

- Condition 3. Good data and good target = good metrics.


This can be a nuisance for example in cases where monthly data is only available later in the subsequent month so it is possible to have some periods with condition 1 or 2 above depending on the approach to entering targets.

This means some months will have correct metrics (condition 3) and some will show 100% or 200% which drives the upper level scores.


This issue is already being resolved and will be addressed in the next sub-release.

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