Where do I enter data for indicators/KPIs?

andara uses the Balanced Scorecard methodology to stucture internally its dashboards. What that meas is that andara provides a 3-level tree hierarchichal structure: Perspective/Objective/indicator. The values for the indicators (or KPIs) can ONLY be added at the last level

You have to navigate in the "Edit" mode to the last level, tapping on outer bubbles, in order to establish KPIs and be able to enter data values. You will not be able to add KPIs or values at any other level. 


GLOBAL (top most level or level 0)

..PERSPECTIVE – Shareholders, Internal Processes. Etc.. (level 1)

….OBJECTIVE – investing in our people (level 2)

……KPI - % of revenue invested in training programs – add data here (level 3)

Remember that you have to setup the dashboard structure through andara in your iPad. Once the dashboard structure is created in andara, the app will automatically generate an Excel spreadsheet that will be stored in your box account. Now you will be able to enter KPI values either in the app or in the Excel spreadsheet, andara and your Excel-created spreadsheet are linked.

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    When adding a KPI users need to pay attention to the TYPE INDICATOR in the EDIT session.  The type indicator is used to define whether the metric is a "lower is better" or "higher is better" indicator.  The "-" and the "+" buttons show that respectively. In this case, see screen shot attached, the metric is designated as "-" since lower values indicate better performance.

    The METRIC UNIT is set to "units" because the metric in the example is simply a count of occurences.

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