Why can't I have more than five KPIs per theme or area?

We have limited to 125 the total maximum number of KPIs you can have within our three-level Dashboard structure. Specifically you can create up to 5 Perspectives, up to 5 Objectives per Perspective and up to 5 KPIs per Objetive. (Remember you can only include KPIs and target/actual values at the 3rd level of the Dashboard called 'Indicators'. This limitation is 'by design' since best practices recommend that you do not to use over a total of 25 KPIs to manage your business performance.

However, if you have an Objective that has more than 5 KPIs you may want to break-down the Objective into two (sub)Objectives. Or even, you may want to create 2 different dashboards for more complex needs. There are multiple combinations given that you can only create a maximum of 5 Perspectives, up to 5 Objectives per Perspective, up to 5 KPIs per Objetive in a single Dashboard.

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